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Beginner Digital SLR Photography Courses in Oxford.

Take better photographs - Go from using Auto Mode to shooting in Manual Mode in 2 hours.

One to One lessons available in Oxfordshire now. See my new group courses in Wantage below.

Please email mark@markbassett.co.uk for more information. Small groups welcome.

Your own DSLR Camera is required.

Includes Understanding:



Shutter Speed



White Balance




Location Shoots

Image Analysis & More

A great course Mark, thank you. Good to get the basics to build on and improve. Will be back for more!" Jane Martin, Oxford.

"A fun, friendly & nicely put together photography class with a real working pro who knows his stuff! Thanks again Mark, my shots are looking so much better" Liam Green. Wantage, Oxfordshire.

Coming in March 2020

Beginners Group Photography Course

Marmalade Cafe, Wantage, Oxfordshire.

Email me now to book your place or for more info. 

On the day: Arrive for a 10am start, grab a tea or coffee and we do introductions.

We look at lens and kit basics, followed by a breakdown of shutter speed, aperture and ISO to get you understanding exposure in Manual mode. We look at depth of field, focus, composition, histogram, metering, basics of light, flash and colour temperature. 

We then go out into Wantage town to take some photos, in Manual of course, then come back to look at what you've taken before rounding up the day by 2pm.